Enough talk about gaming, and back to actual, hard-core DUNGEONEERING!
We have so many projects in the cauldron right now, I just need to get photos up.
And a swinging medieval tavern-like sign...let me explain.

There comes a time when it becomes difficult to craft new Dungeoneering projects, when the outdoors calls me more than the seclusion and silence of the Tower. Unfortunately, this "calling" is as directly related to weather in the Spring as it seems to be in the fall, and as a result, the more the sun shines, the less I seem to do.

But as the season melts into Spring, this year the Dungeoneering focus will be on improving the gaming club.
Yes, gaming club.

See the Ursus Templari Gaming Club (not even sure that's the final final name yet...) started as a potential future "private" RPG club, that has yet to truly come to fruition.
Here is the basic outline as it now stands in it's early stages:

  • The idea is that the private club will have a monthly fee, ($10 or less) where in all players pay a one-time monthly fee, and the money is used for refreshments for each of 2-4 gaming sessions per month. The money stays in a collective pool. 
  • If a player misses a session that month, they receive a credit towards their session next month, so your never contributing to a game your not going to take advantage of. 
  • At the end of each month, each player who attends a game session gets 1 credit towards the monthly drawing: a reward if you will, that consist of some item of D&D paraphernalia. Dice, a mini, a map, maybe even a magic item or other D&D related item they, and only they, may use as they wish. They can, however, trade, sell, barter, or lend the item as well. Just like it was real. Similar to D&D Adventurers League Magic Items, but with no limit on trades or borrowing. 
  • Membership would be done through an application process, to ensure that we get a variety of well balanced players, but most importantly, so that we can establish a group of consistently committed players for ongoing campaigns, friendships, and hopefully, lifelong game play. 

As a result, the gaming club needs a name!
The hanging medieval inn-style sign is ready to be painted, but it has yet to receive a final name!
Of course any reader who finds this blog, and submits a name, is welcome to claim such rights and as a result, be given the first free membership in the (insert name here) gaming club....or...something like that. This is all just an idea of course....

We would of course love to have a sponsor, and report frequently on upcoming events, cons, etc....but again. Just brainstorming. The idea here comes from how cycling teams tend to operate, but without the frequent use of every available legally available nutritional supplement known to man....

Not sure how this will pan out, if ever. The interior of the club needs some work, space mostly. And while I wish it had room for a nice long war-game style table, I am afraid it might be restricted to a smaller, round, type. But its a work in progress....


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