Smaug's "melting" Horde? Or...Dragon Vomit?

Ok, so the "Smaug's Horde" project is moving slow, and as of last night, not....quite as well as I had hoped.
The use of hot glue, while so so very good for so many RPG tabletop projects, may not have been the ideal solution. I am finding the paint work quite difficult to capture the "flowing gold" feel while still retaining a sense of "individual shape" to the mass-in other words, it is supposed to look like a pile of coins right, not a massive Ochre Jelly that swallowed a treasure horde.
Now the images here are of course, pre-completion, and this is the first coat of Antique Gold acrylic, so there is no shading, dry brushing, shaping, etc, and quite a ways to go, but its beginning, thanks to adding a bit of metallic gold dry brushing on one end, to at least resemble the possibility of a treasure horde.... Time will tell...
For now though,  it does look like a small pile of dog vomit doesn't it?

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