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It's amazing what you can find that inspires some game ideas and inspiration. Occasionally on this blog I'll throw out some random images I find around this strange campaign-world I am currently in...where I play a level 13 International Creative Director for a major health and nutrition company that maintains a love of fantasy role-playing games and artistic terrain and world building...
Good grief that sounds boring, how did I roll that class?

Found this online the other day. An 80's tutorial on creating your own Hoth base out of foam packing material. Good for my parents that I never saw this back then or I am sure the house would have been a "winter wonderland" of cut foam and random packing peanuts. 
This probably explains the interest in creating my own terrain. The ironic part is having grown up in the 80's playing with just about every pre-fabed Kenner playset the Star Wars brand had to offer, I still ended up creating my own and sticking with the D&D Fantasy genre so many years later...but I can't help but look at this now and think..."That would make a perfect Icewind Dale Icing Death lair!!!"
If your an R.A. Salvatore fan, you'll see it too..... 

A little professional-level inspiration is never bad. This image comes from and just completely captures what I hope to one day achieve. To be that cooky elderly gentlemen who recreates ridiculously detailed mythical battles of yore at an age where I no longer care what society (or the oppositte sex) think of me as I stride proudly through public in pre-14th century garb, and for some reason speak with an English accent. I'll likely stand atop a crows Nest on my gaming guest house and yell nautical terminology at random intervals as well. And perhaps fire a cannon on the hour. 

This reminds me of the "spinning wheel of death" thing from the film Labyrinth from the 1980's starring David Bowie. It has that same, Fantasy-feel with a bit of mechanical, almost steam-esque feel to it. I have no idea where I found this, nor what I was saving it for other than pure inspiration, so my apologies to the very talented artist and creator of this imagination-capturing model. Household junk can be a tremendous source for creative traps, gadgets, characters, and in-game scenarios. I once ran a campaign lasting several sessions where the objective for the players was to stop a world-eating mechanicus device made from old bike parts, a disected watch and a silver painted q tip. It's possible that it is somewhere still in the deepest bowels of my gaming supply dungeons,  ready to "go off" at any moment.  

I am sure I am not the only geek who thinks about Halloween costumes year round...but I am sure I am not the only one who looks at this and thinks it could make a far better "Cuthulu" costume as well...

These are completely hand made. Well, everything except the sword and dagger. The sword is the Sword of the Witch King from the LOTR, and the Dagger is the Morgul blade which stabbed Frodo atop Weathertop. But the sabotons and gauntlets were assembled, hammered, riveted, and blackened by me in a simple backyard fire-pit and on a bit of old railroad tie used as an anvil. The advantage of creating the perfect NAZGUL costume is that errors can be plenty and be easily hidden under the guise of age and ware. After all, what condition would one expect of armor worn constantly...for the servants of Sauron?   

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