Smaug's Horde-FOUND!

So I found the solution to creating the "flowing gold coins" look I was going for with my Smaug's Horde project: 

Plain old gold glitter. 
Gold glitter. 

$2.99 at my local Hobby Lobby and in the perfect small coin size. My project room looks like a 70's euro disco, but nothing a bit of vacuuming can't fix. 

Once applying the glitter over the painted pile, the form really began to take shape. 

I added small jewels, gems, crystals and even random bits of metal to the horde to really give the look of ancient unidentifiable artifacts buried in the horde. These were removed, cut, pulled and pried from old costume jewelry and by pilfering through my 10 year old daughters collection of beads (sorry sweety! RPG emergency!!!) 
A small painted cauldron ( wooden bag of 10 for $1.99 at Hobby Lobby) spilling out gold coins added a touch of realism along with an earring back which served as a perfect sized 28mm round shield, half-buried in gold coins. 
Beads turned to hide center holes make perfect orbs, globes, or even 'Palantir's' along with the presence of diamonds, massive ruby's and various trinkets. 
Lastly, I sealed the entire pile in a gloss varnish spray (spray helped keep the glitter in place for brush on varnish) and spot gloss with fast drying polyurethane. 
Not too shabby for a total cost of probably $8! 

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