Brainmush and Two bits...

Brainstorming names, either places, people, items, books, cults, Orders, religions, gods or Demons, can be a usefull tool for any fantasy based endevour. From modelling to wargaming, miniature creation, character development or plot design, a bit of off-the-cuff naming can often times spur the mind onto the right path.
Use as needed for whatever image, place, or thing comes to mind.

Leather claw
Books End
The Fable Well
The boiling pot
Burning Octavio
Pit of Ultimate Despair
Temple of Har Shabzur
The Dragon's Throat
Tallis Ryncwind
Wolvesbane Point
The Bone shoals
Fires Edge
The crack
Temple of the Tooth
Orcs Snout
Drawn Bridge
Tanskun Dungear
Lancrid Dar Tu'n
One of the Eight
Organization de Mal
Mr. Spoil
To know of all
He who shall be named
She who shall not be named
The abandoned ones
Child of Storm
Children of the Ice
Gnome bits
Gnarish Craz'Kurgular
Scar snarl point
The Fingers
Horse and Hoof
The Virgin Tree
Whitmore Pines


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