Lovecraft Proud Scouting

I grew up as a Scout.
An official Boy Scouts of America Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Eagle Scout.
I was even in Order of the Arrow.
Hard core. And I loved it. And still do.
But if these had been available? I'd have had at least 2 more Silver Eagle Palms on my chest to this day.

Artist Luke Drozd designed these, and while some may not fit into the current political correctness of Scouting, they certainly would be fun to read, write, and uhh.....master. 

Check out Luke's amazing art here:

These can even be ordered here:

Nothing says "Scout Law" and "Be Prepared" like having a mastery of home Dentistry and Violent Revenge. 

Personally, I'm a fan of Curses and Hexes. Although Grave Robbery and Spirit Medium may come in handy as well. 

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