Paladin's and Spiders and Drow...oh my....

This was a small project completed last night for a friend. A quick custom job for a female Paladin of Bahamut and a couple of custom spiders. the requested colors were blue and white armor for the Paladin, to match the arms of Bahamut, and a forest and Lolth-esque spider.

Both mini's were from Reaper. the Paladin was a version of Isabeau Laroche but painted to a tabletop quality, not by any means "presentation" or "contest quality".
the casting was tough, as the details on the skin and the inner surcoat were a bit rough from Reaper. Poor thing looks like it needs a bit of a facial.
A much better blonde version of isabeau Laroche can be seen here on the Reaper boards:

For the spiders, I went with a brown and green brush mix giving the illussion of hair with soem goblin green spots and fangs, alluding to poison or venom.
Following suit for the Lolth spider, I went with black and purple of course, but I tend to shy away from the recognizable "black widow spider" symbol on the abdomen, and lean more twords individual spots or Underdark branding of some wicked variety.

The Drow Mage was added in the forest background for scenery.
Trees are handmade from terrain amterials and real wood, while the rock formations are from the fanbulous guys over at War Torn Worlds: htt

Amber the Paladin looks accross the forest glen at the charging spiders, one, a venemous forest arachnid of Faerun, the other, clearly a great monstrous spider of Lolth. 

But she worries not, for even if this is to be her doom, she will die looking fabulous in her matching blue and white armor, saphire hilted bradsword and glistening white cloak and shield. Her chestnut eyes and rosen lips take their last breath before leaping from the small outcrop and into a holy rage... 

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